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Some ask why the buildings industry is so slow to adopt new technology to cut energy waste. Technology vendors will say that their biggest challenge is identifying the target customer. There can be multiple gate-keepers, budgetary authorities and end-customers. Putting all the personas in order is a puzzle. Titles like architect, engineer, facilities manager, system integrator, equipment sales rep, etc. don’t often reveal their actual influence on the sale. How do you create content that not only informs about a specific product, but fills in any cross-discipline knowledge gaps?

Social media to-the-rescue.  Online, threaded conversations and share-worthy content assets can serve to build sales momentum.  Here on Building Context,  I’ll parse content served up as social media profiles and microsites, posted articles, events, e-newsletters, case studies, blogs, white papers and webinars/webcasts. I’ve had opportunity to network with some thought leaders in sustainable buildings over my +7 years in the industry and I’m participating in some active buildings-related online communities. So I’m interested in the stories my own social media contacts are sharing on their websites and blogs, via Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, as well as on building-centered platforms like the U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Efficient Buildings Hub, Honest Buildings and Noesis.

With the advent of smart buildings, smart grid and intelligent energy efficiency markets, we’ve arrived at a moment when the biggest brands in IT – IBM, Cisco, SAP – are vying along side the behemoths in buildings – Siemens, Honeywell, Johnson Controls, Schneider Electric – for the attention of buildings decision-makers. Heated market battles encourage the development and publication of a wealth of content assets.  So the intersection of Content & Buildings is not a dull place to be.

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