Tweets from Schneider Electric’s ‘The Next Age’ 2014 Influencer Summit


Held at its new R&D center in Andover, MA September 11th, SE’s 2014 summit was a news making event.  You can find all the tweets by searching #   on Twitter. I followed as they were sending, and here are some that caught my eye:

From @Hummel_Chris

  • What can Schneider do in health? One hospital bed uses as much energy as 2 homes. A major opp for efficiency.

From @michaelkanellos

  • World demand for energy to rise 50%+ by 2040
  • Schneider’s John Hoekstra: A retailer wants to use batteries under a PPA to arbitrage power pricing in California.
  • By end of year, Boston hopes to save 7 million kilowatt hours on efficient street lights.
  • Energy is the number one target for cyber vandals

From @DJGreenfield

  • Schneider’s Chris Hummel: Operations technology (OT) will play a bigger role in than IT.

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