In NYC, Rudin EVP Explains Why Buildings Need a Brain


John Gilbert, COO/EVP/CTO of Rudin Management Company (RMC) spoke at a Greenbiz VERGE Salon event on Sept. 16 in New York City on how technology and data are transforming the future of  buildings and cities.  Gilbert speaks often on the integration of technology into the built environment. He also addressed the audience at the RealComm conference in Las Vegas in June as part of the General Session.  In both cases, his part of the panel discussion on Aggregating Portfolio Data centered on the Di-BOSS operating system for the built environment, an innovation which Gilbert co-invented. Di-Boss links all of a building’s networks so that facilities managers can watch and control operations, as explained in this 2013 article published by the Columbia University’s Center for Computational Learning Systems, which also participated in the development of Di-Boss. Another Di-Boss co-inventor was Finmeccanica – Selex ES. This Finmeccanica press release explains how Intel® Gateway Solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT) were deployed to extend the original DiBOSS platform applicability to multifamily and small commercial space markets.  So this Verge Salon NYC appearance was a case of Intel IoT for Smart Buildings getting the word out coast-to-coast in the same week. Gilbert offered this quote captured in a tweet by Greenbiz’ Founder Peter May:  “Difference between smart & dumb building:did you learn anything from your building’s performance yesterday?”

RMC manages over 15 million square feet of commercial and residential space that is owned by the Rudin Family. RMC is the largest privately owned real estate company in NYC. John has been involved in every major project the company has built over the last 20 years including the redevelopment and creation of the world’s first smart building at 55 Broad Street (1995-1996), the development of the Reuters Building at 3 Times Square (1998-2001), the redevelopment of the former ATT Long Lines Building at 32 Avenue of the Americas (1999-2002), the redevelopment of 130 West 12th Street (2010-2011), as well as the redevelopment of The Greenwich Lane (2006-2014).

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