Wind River Visualizes the Future IoT



Two big names in IT middleware published versions of their vision of  the Internet of Things (IoT) recently, Red Hat, developer of Enterprise Linux, and Wind River Systems, an Intel company.  Of particular interest to building automation professionals is how each company perceives the future development of the gateway or control tier in IoT architectures.

This Wind River infographic is rich with detail about where Intel and, by extension, the Industrial Internet of Things Consortium, sees things going:

Gateways sit on the horizon between the revenue generative territory “north of the gateway,” where app stores, adaptive analytics, and the cloud are transforming businesses, and those devices “south of the gateway,” where cost pressure coexists with rapid innovation. Gateway devices must support a broad range of connectivity protocols and satisfy complex management and provisioning requirements.

Existing buildings fall into the ‘south of the gateway’ category of  ‘Brownfield’:

Of the billions of devices that comprise our social and industrial infrastructure, a significant number perform discrete functions in network isolation. A subset of these devices will continue to be manufactured and maintained in this way, while others will require migration strategies—often referred to as “bolt-on” approaches — to connect and realize the benefits of IoT.

This visualization is one to ponder.   At the risk of creating more Brownfield, I printed one out across a number of letter-size pages, taped them together and hung it on the wall to think about.

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