Controller Layer in Red Hat’s Vision of the IoT



James Kirkland, Chief Architect, Embedded and Intelligent Systems, for Red Hat, the Enterprise Linux company, delves into all the functionality that will be expected of a controller in a system architected for the Internet of Things era in a recent whitepaper.


He explains,

The controller tier is, simply put, the tier between the other two [the data center and the endpoint] and it does what they don’t… the controller tier is the tier that makes the interconnections; it literally holds an IoT solution together, protects it and ensures its smooth operation. The controller tier typically:

  • Manages connectivity—protocol consolidation, packet routing
  • Handles data transport—message queuing, delivery assurance
  • Performs security measures—authentication, encryption
  • Provides disaster recovery—system redundancy

Depending on a project’s requirements, the middle tier can also be responsible for more sophisticated computing such as:

  1. controlling processes
  2. executing business rules
  3. pre-processing data

Kirkland spoke about his experience selecting protocols for Industrial Internet of Things applications in a recent audio podcast from Gigaom.

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