“How the IoT is Changing Facility Management” by Eric Graham


The Crowd Comfort App empowers facility managers to make better decisions by collecting, aggregating, and delivering real-time, geo-located employee reports on comfort and maintenance issues.

Our most reliable source of information about facilities is the occupants themselves. Managing buildings today is getting increasingly complex. With space at a premium, increased utility costs, and higher occupant expectations, facility managers are under pressure to manage buildings more efficiently than ever before. With the rise in device connectivity and consumer-facing feedback applications like Waze, Yelp, Foursquare, Facebook, Google+, and Glass Door, occupants expect to be more involved in the way their buildings are run.  Now accustomed to instantaneous feedback, they want to know that their reports are being addressed in real-time.

Read the rest of this article and the entire “Internet of Things”-themed November edition of AutomatedBuildings.com here.

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