“Wearable Technologies – The Next Thing?” by Chip Pieper



When you take into consideration that ABI Research expects 90 million wearable devices to ship worldwide by the end of 2014 and that IDC estimates a $7+ trillion dollar market for the Internet of Things by 2020, it doesn’t take a visionary to predict the influence this next wave of technology will have on the Corporate and Commercial Real Estate industry. Furthermore, imbedded within Deloitte’s 2014 Technology Trends report, the firm clearly predicts the greatest opportunity for growth will be in the enterprise.

However, with all of the current confusion in the building efficiency industry surrounding technology solutions that promise BIG energy, operations, maintenance, and equipment savings, what influence can we really expect from wearables? Based on the numerous interviews I conducted in preparation for this article, I think it will be significant and transformative.

Read the rest of this article and the entire “Internet of Things”-themed November edition of AutomatedBuildings.com here.

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