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Vendor Lock-in of Your Data Could Happen Again: Protocol Wars are Moving from Cable to Cloud

Smart Building Owners should remain vigilant in the battle against vendor lock-in of their building data. “Take back the Internet!” is the Net Neutrality movement’s rallying cry against big telecom and cable companies. “Take back your life!“ say digital privacy

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Way Forward from Paris is Via Automated M&V for Commercial Building Energy Efficiency

Investment dollars to transform commercial building energy wasters into high performers are there, but won’t be tapped until bankers are confident in the measurement and verification of savings. The Paris Climate Agreement is “the beginning of the end of the

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Six New Routes to Market for Smart Building Technology

The route to Smart Building success may be just around the next turn. Here are six emerging go-to-market strategies for Smart Building technology as identified by Anno Sholten of Connexx Energy.

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CoRE Tech’s Silicon Valley Message: ‘Just Do It.’

Smart Building technology isn’t being adopted at the pace expected. Why aren’t more property owners getting off the sidelines? Chicago Bulls Basketball star Michael Jordan inspired a lot of sports watchers to become sports Do-ers in the 1980s and 90s.

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Talking Smack about the Building IoT Stack

  Eric Stromquist and Ken Smyers of invited me onto their ControlTalk NOW show last week, ending November 8, 2015. What fun!  We talk I0T  Stacks! What are they? Who has them? Why are they needed now? How does Project

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Of Pitchforks and Haystacks

Hype is just a natural and necessary ingredient in the life cycle of any technology. So says the IT Research firm Gartner Group, and it has been producing yearly Hype Cycle curves for about 20 years. In his book Leadership B.S., Jeffrey Pfeffer, Stanford Professor,

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Building Controls Beyond Protocol Wars

by Greg Shank, Principal, Altura Associates Does the next phase in building controls have to take on the dynamic of Betamax vs. VHS or Android vs. iOS? First, let’s acknowledge that commercial buildings are a different beast than the consumer marketplace,

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