When Cloud Companies Build Towers, Tech Transfers into Real Estate

Salesforce Tower, a new, 61-story project at 415 Mission Street in San Francisco, won’t be open and occupied until sometime in 2017, but its influence on top-end office properties is already being felt.  Jim Whalen SVP & CIO of Boston Properties, co-developer of the tower, explained the tech transfer phenomena in a RealComm panel discussion … Continue reading When Cloud Companies Build Towers, Tech Transfers into Real Estate

Pub/Sub Communications — Social, Simple, Tried-and-True

Notifications are becoming a core buildings automation technology, as explored in my last post about the MQTT messaging protocol, as well as earlier when discussing contextual mobile operating systems.  Pub/sub is a routing style designed for broadcasting out notifications one-to-many, listening for responses back from unknown sources, and compensating for the sometimes intermittent service of wireless networks. The same underlying publisher/subscriber … Continue reading Pub/Sub Communications — Social, Simple, Tried-and-True

Almost Viral – McKenney’s Eglin Story

How high is the bar in my chosen niche, storytelling for buildings professionals? Spreading word through their highly fragmented industries and markets is hard. So winning pick-up by more than a handful of cross-discipline hub-influencers is 'viral'. Recently, McKenney’s, a well-established building systems integration and contracting firm out of Atlanta, achieved that goal with its story … Continue reading Almost Viral – McKenney’s Eglin Story