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Highlights from Realcomm-IBcon 2017

This year’s Intelligent Buildings conference by Realcomm was again a hotbed of information exchange and business dealings for all the professions involved in smart buildings, smart cities and smart energy projects. IT/OT convergence, security of networks and data, as well

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Navigating the New Landscape of Energy Efficiency, Renewables and Microgrids

The building automation and controls industry sits at the nexus of a building’s solar arrays and its microgrid, as well as at the seat of its transactive energy potential with neighboring microgrids. Automation and control frameworks built upon open architectures

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Building Controls Beyond Protocol Wars

by Greg Shank, Principal, Altura Associates Does the next phase in building controls have to take on the dynamic of Betamax vs. VHS or Android vs. iOS? First, let’s acknowledge that commercial buildings are a different beast than the consumer marketplace,

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