Talking before the IB-Con System Integrators Summit with Eric Stromquist, Ken Smyers and Ken Sinclair.

Talking before the IB-Con System Integrators Summit with Eric Stromquist, Ken Smyers and Ken Sinclair.

Therese Sullivan, Principal, BuildingContext.me

A writer/technologist and marketing professional providing news and analysis for commercial building system integrators, facilities managers and real estate professionals about innovations in building automation with emphasis on data analytics, mobile apps, cloud services and wireless networking.  I report on the Industrial Internet of Things with specific emphasis on the Connected Building and have deep domain knowledge of foundational technologies through marketing roles in firms engaged in

  •  integrated building design, building products and control software (+5 years)
  •  cyber security (+3 years in the PC software security industry)
  •  data management (+6 years in the enterprise software industry)
  •  system-on-chip (SOC) design (+6 years in the electronics design automation industry)

All these tech domains come together in a building like the Net Zero Energy Packard Foundation project pictured in the banner image above. Check out my post on the IDeAs Net Zero Energy project to learn more about my work with the team responsible for the Packard Foundation project. This building also happens to by in my home town and is a daily inspiration to me as to how comfortable and energy efficient buildings can be. I talk more about my professional journey in this interview with Eric Stromquist and Ken Smyers of ControlTrends.org:

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