Your Buildings’ 21st Century Edge

One way to gain perspective on disruptive technologies is to look backward to see forward. Tony Seba, an instructor in Entrepreneurship, Disruption and Clean Energy at Stanford’s Continuing Studies Program, does this with these early 20th-Century Easter Parade images. The images suggest that the vehicle market went from almost all horse-driven to almost all motor-driven in just 13 … Continue reading Your Buildings’ 21st Century Edge

Haystack and IoT World Tread Common Ground

The power of data to bring transparency, greater security, fairer market competition and rapid change to buildings was the main theme at Haystack Connect in Tampa in early May. Advancements in contributing technologies like wireless connectivity, edge computing, analytics, machine learning, etc. were well covered in the IoT Architecture Symposium that ran during the IoT World Conference in Santa Clara in the middle of the month.

Will DevOps Culture Come to Smart Buildings?

If software is eating the world, then software development operations should be of consuming interest to everyone—particularly to stakeholders in Smart Buildings and other Smart Systems. We should have already learned the lesson that you need to start product development from the perspective of end-users—building owners, facilities staff and occupants. The last generation of building … Continue reading Will DevOps Culture Come to Smart Buildings?

Vendor Lock-in of Your Data Could Happen Again: Protocol Wars are Moving from Cable to Cloud

Smart Building Owners should remain vigilant in the battle against vendor lock-in of their building data. “Take back the Internet!” is the Net Neutrality movement’s rallying cry against big telecom and cable companies. “Take back your life!“ say digital privacy advocates in warning against the online advertising industry. “Take back your enterprise!” is how the … Continue reading Vendor Lock-in of Your Data Could Happen Again: Protocol Wars are Moving from Cable to Cloud